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Transfer students to the University from within the state of Utah should access the in-state transferrable credit check list below to see which courses are already eligible for transfer consideration. If a course is not included in the list, students will need to petition for transfer credit.

All petitions for transfer courses must first be approved by the Office of Admissions before the Department of History can consider them. Once courses have been approved and appear on the DARS report, students can begin the petition process with the History Department. To petition the Department for transfer credit, students must schedule a meeting with the advisor. They must bring with them a completed petition for transfer credit and copies of syllabi for each course in question. Both the syllabi and the petition will be submitted to the advisor, who will forward all materials to the appropriate members of the faculty for consideration.

The Department may take up to a month to evaluate transfer petitions. Students will receive an email notification once a decision has been made. For more information, see the in-state transferrable credit checklist below or visit the History academic advisor at the Department main office, Monday - Friday, between 10am - 2pm or email

In-State Credit Checklist

When preparing to transfer to the University of Utah from an in-state school or otherwise designated campus, the following institutions have readily transferable credits.  Readily transferable credits help streamline the process and do not require a student to petition to transfer credits to count toward their major.  Click on the school names below to see which courses have been approved.  

While attending any of these institutions, students may complete General Education requirements and courses identified to fulfill the University requirements, including foreign language credits and/or other transferable electives for the U.  

Students are strongly encouraged to meet with a University of Utah departmental advisor before entering the U.   

Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University, Idaho

Dixie State University

LDS Business College

Salt Lake Community College

Snow College

Southern Utah University 

Utah State University & Utah State University Eastern

Utah Valley University

Weber State University 

Westminster College


Last Updated: 10/26/21