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Standing Committee Appointments

Current membership of standing committees within the Department of History. In any given semester, additional AD HOC committees may also be operating.

College Committees | Department Committees | Additional Positions


College Committees


College of Humanities RPT Committee:
Greg Smoak

College of Humanities Career Development Committee:
Ryan Moran

College of Humanities Faculty Awards Committee:
Danielle Olden

College of Humanities Diversity Committee:
Eric Herschthal
ShawnaKim Lowey-Ball

College of Humanities Curriculum Committee and Undergraduate Committee:
Julie Ault

College of Humanities Executive Committee:
Hugh Cagle

College of Humanities Graduate Committee:
Beth Clement

Council of Dee Fellows:
Rebecca Horn

Senate Representative:
Nadja Durbach

University Athletic Advisroy Council:
Matt Basso

Department Committees


RPT Advisory Committee Chair:
Eric Hinderaker

TFR Chair:
Nadja Durbach

Executive Committee:
ShawnaKim Lowey-Ball
Mile Arvin
Isabel Moreira

Intellectual Life Committee:
Mira Green
Hugh Cagle
Eric Hinderaker

Undergraduate Committee:
Julie Ault, Chair
Nadja Durbach
Colleen McDannell
Chris Low

Graduate Committee:
Beth Clement, Chair
Janet Theiss
Peter Roady
Mira Green

EDI Committee:
ShawnaKim Lowey-Ball
Mile Arvin
Isabel Moreira
Jessica Brumbaugh
Eric Herschthal
Eliza McKinney
Ryan Desmond
Emma Fox

Honors, History Student Association and Phi Alpha Theta Advisor:
Janet Theiss

Additional Positions

Director, International Studies: Hugh Cagle
Director, American West Center: Greg Smoak
Director, Center for Latin American Studies: Susie Porter
University Press Faculty Editorial Adisory Committee: Greg Smoak

HGSA President: Eliza McKinney
HSA Co-Presidents: Ryan Desmond and Emma Fox

Last Updated: 5/4/23