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Graduate Handbook and Forms

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Graduate Handbook

For detailed information on the Department of History’s graduate programs, download the current Graduate Handbook.

Departmental Forms

Directed Readings Form
Undergraduate Credit for Graduate Credit Form
Supervisory Committee Form*
Portfolio Defense Form
Sample Portfolio
Qualifying Examination Approval Form
Report of Prospectus Meeting
Thesis/Dissertation Defense Form
*MA and MS students need three committee members, two of which must be from the Department of History. PhD students need five committee members, three of which must be from the Department of History.

Tuition Benefit Forms

Application for Financial Assistance*
Tuition Benefit Enrollment Form
Subsidized Insurance Declaration Form
Change of Graduate Classification Form
Graduate Leave of Absence Form
Graduate Student Graduation Application Form
*Current graduate students must submit a completed application for financial assistance to the Director of Graduate Studies.

Thesis Office Forms

PhD Supervisory Committee and Final Reading Approval Forms*
MA Supervisory Committee and Final Reading Approval Forms*
PhD Student Statement of Dissertation Approval**
MA Student
Statement of Thesis Approval**
*Type the full legal names of the student, each faculty member, and the department chair. Print out at least one copy of each form and have committee members and department chair sign and date. When submitting the manuscript for format approval, turn in one original copy of each form signed by at least a majority of the committee members and the department chair.
**The statement of approval replaces the signature sheets in the electronic version of the thesis or dissertation. Copy the template provided above into your manuscript as page ii (following the copyright page) and complete the required information. Do not scan the provided template or your signed approval forms. No signatures are necessary. For information on thesis or dissertation defense deadlines please visit the Thesis Office website.

Graduation Checklists

PhD International and Thematic Field Checklist
PhD US Field Checklist
MA International and Thematic Field Checklist
MA US Field Checklist
MS International and Thematic Field Checklist
MS US Field Checklist


Last Updated: 2/26/19