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Faculty Publications

Catholic Utah by Colleen McDannell
Selling the Future by Ryan Moran
Racial Uncertanties by Danielle Olden
Western Lands, Western Voices: Essays on Public History in the American West, Edited by Gregory E. Smoak
Saving Nature Under Socialism by Julia E. Ault
Imperial Mecca by Michael Christopher Low
The Subjects of Ottoman International Law by Michael Christopher Low
The Science of Abolition
The Oxford Handbook of the Merovingian World by Isabel Moreira
many Mouths: The Politics of Food in Britain from the Workhouse to the Welfare State
The Pleasures at your side by Benjamin B. Cohen
Possessing Polynesians
An Appeal to the Ladies of Hyderabad by Benjamin B. Cohen
Sister Saints by Colleen McDannell
Assembling the Tropics by Hugh Cagle
From Angel to Office Workers by Susie Porter
Men at Work by Matt Basso
Boston's Massacre by Eric Hinderaker
At the Edge of Empire by Eric Hinderaker
Anthricite Aristocracy by Edward Davies
Religions of the United States in Practice vol. 1 by Colleen McDannell


Peasants of Marlhes by James R. Lehning
The Decline of Authority by L. Ray Gunn
Christian Home in Victorian America by Colleen McDannell
Peasant and French by James R. Lehning
Material Christianity by Colleen McDannell
Dreams, Visions, and Spiritual Authority by Isabel Moreira
Europeans in the World Vol. 2 by James R. Lehning
Europeans in the World Vol. 1 by James R. Lehning
Elusive Empires by Eric Hinderaker
Postconquest Coyoacan by Rebecca Horn


Untaming the Frontier by Bradley J. Parker
Grassroots Resistance by Robert A. Goldberg
Religions of the United States in Practice by Colleen McDannell
Barry Goldwarer by Robert Alan Goldberg
Organizing the Spontaneous by Wesley Sasaki-Uemura
Historia Del Cielo by Colleen McDannell
Disgraceful Matters by Janet Theiss
Heaven A History by Colleen McDannell
To Be A Citizen by James R. Lehning
Across the Great Divide by Matthew L. Basso


Picturing Faith by Colleen McDannell
Bodily Matters by Nadja Durbach
A Hideous Monster of hte Mind by Bruce Dain
Love for Sale by Elizabeth Clement
Making Space on the Western Frontier by W. Paul Reeve


Catholics in the Movies by Colleen McDannell
Hell and Its Afterlife by Isabel Moreira
US in World History by Edward J. Davies II
Kingship and Colonialism by India's Deccan by Benjamin B. Cohen
Ghost Dances and Identity by Gregory E. Smoak
The Myth of the Eastern Front by Ronald Smelser & Edward J. Davies II
Melodramatic Threat by James R. Lehning
New Perspectives on Household Archaeology by Bradley J. Parker
Working Women in Mexico City by Susie S. Porter
Enemies Within by Robert Alan Goldberg
Spectacle of Deformity by Nadja Durbach
The Two Hendricks by Eric Hinderaker
Heaven's Purge by Isabel Moreira
Controlling the Past, Owning the Future by Bradley J. Parker
The Spirit of Vatican II by Colleen McDannell


Patterns of World History by Peter von Sivers
European Colonialism since 1700 by James R. Lehning
Meet Joe Copper by Matthew L Basso
In the Club by Benjamin B. Cohen
Religion of a Different Color by Paul Reeve
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