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Students in Rural America Ask, ‘What Is a University Without a History Major?’

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, facing declining enrollment and revenue, is weighing major changes to its degree programs. - Read the New York Times article here

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Colleagues honor Professor Bradley J. Parker at 2019 American Archaeology Conference

From Households to Empires: Papers Presented in Honor of Bradley J. Parker

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Professor Eric Hinderaker discusses Boston's Massacre on C-SPAN

University of Utah history professor Eric Hinderaker revisited the events of the Boston Massacre and attempted to determine what really happened on March 5, 1770.

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Professor Cagle publishes new book, "Assembling the Tropics"

Professor Cagle’s new book explores the intersection of science, culture and politics in Portugal’s empire and sheds light on little-known connections between Asia and the Atlantic World.

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Professor Reeve's "Religion of a Different Color" selected as Book of the Semester

The David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies at Brigham Young University selected Professor Paul Reeve's book, Religion of a Different Color: Race and the Mormons Struggle for Whiteness as its "Book of the Semester."

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Colleen McDannell publishes "Sister Saints"

Professor McDannell’s new book offers a history of modern Mormon women that takes aim at various stereotypes, showing that their stories are much more complex than previously thought.

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Mormon Land Interview with Professor McDannell

Colleen McDannell discusses her new book "Sister Saints" and the history of Mormon women, with the Salt Lake Tribune

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Featured Course:

(HIST 4635) Gay Family in America

This class is an interdisciplinary exploration of queer families (i.e., the families of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals) in America.  Drawing on texts from the fields of History and Psychology we will analyze the dynamics of the queer family in light of a long history of family diversity in America.  We will examine the most recent psychological literature on family life including research into queer couples, marriage, and parenting.  Finally, we will address the impact that the emergence of queer families has had on American understandings of categories such as gender, race, and class, as well as of the structure, purpose and ideology of family.



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