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Learning Outcomes

History Graduate Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the program not only learn about the past, they also develop a capacity for careful and rigorous thought, cultural competence, and abilities that promote success in careers throughout the global economy. These learning outcomes include content knowledge, habits of mind, and practical skills.



*The History Department participates and promotes “History Tuning” at the State level through USHE, and at the national level through the American Historical Association. The History Tuning program was founded, and funded, by the Lumina Foundation. This faculty-led process has identified History Learning Outcomes for the discipline and is being implemented in all higher education institutions in the state. The History tuning program synchronizes well with the University’s move towards integrating Learning Outcomes into the core curriculum and by providing meaningful modes of curricular assessment. In the History department, for undergraduate assessment, this has taken the form of a new methodologies course (History 3100), the existing capstone senior seminar (History 4990) acting as an assessment tool, and a graduating seniors exit survey centered on Learning Outcomes 

Last Updated: 6/5/24