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Clyde Professorship in History

The Aileen H. Clyde Professorship was created in 2018 to award one History professor each year with a research fund to be used to support their own teaching and research, graduate student teaching and research, or other activities that would publicize and maximize the contents of the Clyde Archive at the Marriott Library. This is a competitive faculty award, which requires interested professors to submit an application that is reviewed by the Department of History Executive Committee. The committee selects one award winner per year, and the winner is eligible to receive the Professorship honor no more than two years. The recipient is committed to teach two classes per year that require students to utilize the Archive in their scholarship. We invite you to support this important Professorship in honor of Aileen Clyde by clicking here.

Aileen H. Clyde Professors in History

Colleen McDannell

Professor Colleen McDannell | 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 Aileen H. Clyde Professor in History

The inaugural Aileen H. Clyde Professor in History was Colleen McDannell. She served two terms as the inaugural Aileen H. Clyde Professor in History (2019-2020; 2020-2021), and took on the intensive undertaking of making the Clyde Archive more accessible to students and researchers, as well as introducing hundreds of students to the incredible resource of the Clyde Archive in the classes she taught.

Professor Matt Basso

Professor Matt Basso | 2021-2022 Aileen H. Clyde Professor in History

During his term, he has added applicable World War II oral histories from the Marriot Library’s large collection to the Clyde Archive and has continued his research that involves looking at archives around the U.S. to find primary sources that illuminate the gender history of WWII. He has used some of his Clyde Professorship funds to provide honoraria for scholars to speak about their research on women, gender and leadership in the United States. Those book talks have been recorded and can be viewed here and here.

Professor Beth Clement

Professor Beth Clement | 2022-2023 Aileen H. Clyde Professor in History

Beth will supervise History doctoral student Cindy Solomon Klebba in teaching two classes that will engage directly with the Clyde Archive: “Oral History” in the fall in the History Department and “Modern American Women” in the spring. Clement and Solomon Klebba will also supervise students trained in the fall oral history class to conduct oral histories with women in Utah who participated in the Houston Women’s Rights Convention of 1977. These oral histories would be part of an ongoing public history project on the Houston Women’s Rights Convention of 1977.

Past Clyde Archive Students

Students that have worked with the Clyde Archive material share their experiences


Last Updated: 11/16/22