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History Department Alum

named Inaugural Director of the Museum of Utah


Tim Glenn

Tim Glenn

Tim Glenn recently joined the team at the Utah Department of Cultural and Community Engagement as the Museum Director for the new Museum of Utah. Set within the Utah Division of State History, the museum will honor the past and inspire the future by sharing the state's unique history, culture, and art. The museum provides a space to care for the state's historical collection and to explore the unique stories of Utah's communities.

Tim received both his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the history department at the University of Utah where he grew interested in both U.S. Environmental History and the history of the U.S. West. Also an American West Center alumnus, Tim believes the opportunities that the department offered to explore new ideas, pursue primary source research, and engage with scholars while actively working in the field of Public History was an invaluable start to his career. 

Last Updated: 8/23/23