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Friends & Alumni

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We invite our friends and alumni to stay in touch with us and support our students and programs.

Through their study of history, our students learn the essential skills of citizenship and a better understanding of what it means to be human.

Your support is critical to our students’ success. Your gift to the History Department supports scholarships and programs that will help them excel as students and reach their full potential as graduates of the University of Utah.

University of Utah in the Fall

During the past year the Department of History has initiated two major development efforts in the name of former colleagues, one aimed at improving our assistance for graduate studies and the other at supporting outstanding faculty research projects.

Dean L. May Graduate Fellowship

James L. Clayton Distinguished Research Chair

Make a donation to the Department of History to be directed to the University of Utah Online Giving Form.

If you are a former student of the department, please fill out an Alumni survey here. Your response could be featured in next year's issue!

Last Updated: 4/1/21