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Guided Pathways: American West


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The study of the American West is a strength of this department. We have faculty who teach about the interaction of native peoples with settlers who came in to the region, faculty who teach about environmental issues in the US and its Southwest, those who teach about Utah as a state, those who tackle labor issues in the West, those who deal with the religious culture of the state and the West. Students taking this pathway not only delve deeply into a broad range of topics as they relate to this part of the US, but they also come to understand how this region relates to the wider world like the rest of North, Central and South America, the Pacific and Asia, Europe and Middle East. The department also shares deep connections to the American West Center, which houses thousands of oral histories and a wide range of curriculum support materials, and which initiates and supports projects for both undergraduate and graduate students. Students of the American West have gone on to work in archives, business, law, the non-profit sector, and various other professions. 

(HIST 3670) History of Hawai'i
(HIST 4380) US Environmental History
(HIST 4540) Chicana/o History since 1849
(HIST 4650) History of the US West
(HIST 4660) History of Utah
(HIST 4671) American Indian History to 1850
(HIST 4672) American Indian History since 1850
(HIST 4795) Mormonism and the American Experience


Last Updated: 8/31/21