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Guided Pathways: U.S. History

The history of the United States is, like all history, constantly evolving in response to new questions, the discovery of new evidence, the introduction of new perspectives, and the shifting needs and demands of an increasingly diverse, mobile, and globally connected society. Training in the field leads to a wide variety of careers, including jobs in law, government, non-profits, business, medicine, technology, education, historic preservation, museums, publishing, and other public history fields. As students of U.S. history you can examine everything from the indigenous cultures and societies that thrived in North America before European contact to the present day problems and debates that influence our modern nation and world. You will gain new insights into the political, social, economic, diplomatic, religious, and cultural histories that inform the way we live in the U.S. today and the way we choose to remember the nation’s past. Beyond specific career training you will investigate important contemporary issues through a critical historical lens, training that will enable you to be an informed, engaged, and inquisitive modern citizen. With specialists in early and modern America, women, gender, military, African Americans, Latinas/os, American Indians, Asian Americans, the U.S. West, Utah, and Mormon histories, the History Department is well-equipped to help you explore the many different histories that, when combined, make up the American experience.

(HIST 3670) History of Hawai'i
(HIST 3700) Colonial America
(HIST 3710) The American Revolution
(HIST 3720) The New Nation
(HIST 3730) Civil War and Reconstruction

(HIST 3740) Emergence of Modern America
(HIST 3750) Recent America
(HIST 4380) U.S. Environmental History
(HIST 4390) Major Issues in American History

(HIST 4540) Chicana/o History since 1849
(HIST 4600) Women in American History to 1870
(HIST 4610) Women in American History since 1870
(HIST 4630) History of Sexuality in America
(HIST 4635) The Gay Family in America

(HIST 4650) History of the U.S. West
(HIST 4660) History of Utah
(HIST 4671) American Indian History to 1850
(HIST 4672) American Indian History since 1850
(HIST 4680) American Slavery

(HIST 4690) African American History, 1619-1890
(HIST 4700) African American History since 1890
(HIST 4701) The Darwinian Revolution
(HIST 4720) The Worlds of Benjamin Franklin
(HIST 4760) US Foreign Relations: Twentieth Century
(HIST 4765) The Vietnam War

(HIST 4790) American Religions
(HIST 4795) Mormonism and the American Experience


Last Updated: 9/24/21