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Guided Pathways: Religion

The history of belief systems that we explore in the Religion track goes beyond Europe and North America. In addition to a wealth of courses on Christianity from the earliest times to the present, the Religion track also encompasses non-Judeo-Christian traditions such as Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and various indigenous systems of belief, both ancient and modern. As the flagship Utah institution of higher learning, a key component of the Religion track is the study of the history of Mormonism. The study of religious history informs our understanding of social institutions and cultural values and it reveals how communities determine and encourage ethical behavior even in areas such as business and trade.

(HIST 3040) Early Medieval England
(HIST 3045) Late Medieval England
(HIST 3545) Ancient India
(HIST 3555) Medieval India
(HIST 4040) Christianity in the Ancient World
(HIST 4050) Christianity in the Medieval World
(HIST 4120) Christianity in the Modern World
(HIST 4130) Early Medieval Social and Cultural History
(HIST 4230) Global Islam
(HIST 4400) Introduction to Islam
(HIST 4790) American Religions
(HIST 4795) Mormonism and the American Experience 


Last Updated: 8/24/21