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Guided Pathways: Race and Ethnicity


Issues of race and ethnicity have permeated all aspects of socio-political and cultural life. History cannot be properly understood without understanding how racial formations were created and sustained and how those formations shaped societies. Racial and ethnic hierarchies formed states and nations, caused the migrations of masses of people, transformed economies and trade, altered systems of beliefs, and produced multiple layers of cultures. In addition to the Diversity courses in African American, Chicana/o, and Asian American history, courses on colonialism and imperialism, gender, and World history take as a key component an examination of race and ethnicity. Students who pursue this pathway will heighten their perception of less visible structures of racial formations across societies, develop critical analytic skills in comprehending theories and events, and raise their ability to synthesize pragmatic initiatives regarding racial issues and their intersections with those of gender and class.


(HIST 1300) Latin American Civilization to the 1820s
(HIST 1310) Latin American Civilization Since the 1820s
(HIST 2100) Nazi Germany and the Holocaust
(HIST 3350) History of Brazil
(HIST 3540) The Japanese Empire
(HIST 3650) Histories of the Pacific Islands
(HIST 3670) History of Hawai’i
(HIST 3700) Colonial America
(HIST 4270) Empire and Exploration 1400-1750
(HIST 4290) The Americas After Columbus
(HIST 4260) The French Colonial Empire from New France to the Algerian War
(HIST 4540) Chicana/o History Since 1849
(HIST 4560) Asian American History
(HIST 4600) Women in American History to 1870
(HIST 4610) Women in American History Since 1870
(HIST 4630) History of Sexuality in America
(HIST 4671) American Indian History to 1850: Precontact to Indian Removal
(HIST 4672) American Indian History since 1850: The Indian Wars to Present
(HIST 4690) African American History: 1619-1890
(HIST 4700) African American History Since 1890
(HIST 4710) The Concept of Race in America
(HIST 4865) Gender, Race, and Empire in Asia
Last Updated: 4/1/21