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Guided Pathways: Pre-Med

Medicine and Technology headline

There has never been a better time for students pursuing a medical future to major in History. A broad shift in medical training is underway that emphasizes more holistic treatment and seeing patients not merely as biological organisms but as persons embedded in family, community, and cultural networks. Pursuing a degree in History prepares you well for this by providing critically important practical skills and exposing you to a wide range of human experiences. Historians are information analysts. We gather data, organize and analyze it, interpret and draw supportable conclusions with clear, relevant evidence. We understand how to be focused in our research as well as how to stand back to see larger patterns. We examine behavior and behavioral change and how cultural and social differences influence personal and societal well-being.

(HIST 4075) Science, Technology, and Society
(HIST 4085) History of Technology
(HIST 4080) History of Medicine in Western Society
(HIST 4095) Governing Bodies
(HIST 4270) Empire and Exploration 1400-1750
(HIST 4635) The Gay Family in America


Last Updated: 8/23/21