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Guided Pathways: Pre-Law

History is a superb foundation for the study of law, because legal reasoning depends fundamentally on historical reasoning. Law schools look favorably on a history major because the critical thinking, research, and writing skills that are taught in history classes are so similar to the skills that are required for the study of law.  Students on this track will focus on the development of legal codes and political systems and will be especially well prepared for the demands of law school.

(HIST 2100) Nazi Germany and the Holocaust
(HIST 3040) Early Medieval England
(HIST 3045) Late Medieval England
(HIST 3710) American Revolution
(HIST 4095) Governing Bodies
(HIST 4130) Early Medieval Social and Cultural History
(HIST 4600) Women in American History to 1870
(HIST 4610) Women in American History to 1870
(HIST 4630) History of Sexuality
(HIST 4671) American Indian History to 1850
(HIST 4672) American Indian History since 1850
(HIST 4690) African American History, 1619-1890
(HIST 4700) African American History since 1890
Last Updated: 8/24/21