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Guided Pathways: Military History

War has been a constant in human relations, from prehistory to the present day.  War unhinges empires, creates new states, and produces new patterns of international relations; it can also profoundly unsettle social relations, trigger major economic transformations, and alter cultural patterns in the societies that wage it.  War is a ubiquitous part of our own history, from the nation’s origins to the present day.  Understanding the many dimensions and consequences of war is central to the study of history.

The Department of History offers a variety of courses that deal centrally with warfare, from the ancient world to the Vietnam War.  Students in this track will have an extended opportunity to explore the phenomenon of warfare, which has been so important to human experience.

(HIST 3210) Age of Total War
(HIST 3730) Civil War and Reconstruction
(HIST 4260) The French Colonial Empire from New France to the Algerian War
(HIST 4320) America at War 1620-1898
(HIST 4321) America at War 1898-1991
(HIST 4765) The Vietnam War
(HIST 4770) Warfare in the Modern World
(HIST 4780) The Korean War


Last Updated: 4/1/21