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To be declared as a major or minor in the History Department, a student must have an interview with the Department's Undergraduate Academic Advisor. The Academic Advisor will evaluate the student's transcript, outline the major and designate those requirements that the student must fulfill. Students must bring a current DARS report to all advising appointments. In order to be declared, students must be currently enrolled and attending classes.

Within the Department of History, students can choose from the following areas:

Academic Major in History (2004 - 2009)

Academic Major in History (2009 - Present)

Academic Minor in History (2004 - 2009)

Academic Minor in History (2009 - Present)

Teaching Major in History (2004 - Present)

Teaching Minor in History (2004 - Present) 

For more information about these different opportunities, review the requirements for each area of emphasis, or call the Department of History's academic advisor (801) 581-6121.

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Last Updated: 8/12/16