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History Academic Advising & Career Coaching

amarilys scott history advisor

lindsey kass career advisor

Amarilys Scott

Academic Advisor

(801) 581-6121

 Lindsey Kass

Career Coach - History

(801) 581-7993

To schedule an appointment with your academic advisor:

    To schedule an appointment with your career coach:

  • Please log-in to UCareerPath, click on the 'Appointments' tab, and select your coach to view their availability.



The Academic Advisor is available to meet with students by appointment only, and DOES NOT take same-day appointments or walk-ins.
Please call our front desk at 801-581-6121 if you will be late or cannot make your appointment. If you are late to your appointment you may be asked to reschedule.

For any "fast track" questions (deadlines, events, etc.) please send an email to:

Reasons to see an academic advisor:

  • To declare an History major or minor: To be declared as a History Academic Major, Academic Minor, Teaching Major, or Teaching Minor a student must meet with the advisor. The advisor will evaluate the student's transcripts, outline the major/minor and designate those requirements that the student must fulfill.

  • To have History transfer credit evaluated: In order to transfer courses to the History Department, they must first be approved by the University of Utah as transfer credits through Admissions. Once they have been approved and appear on your DARS report you can begin the petition process with the History Department. You must obtain syllabi for each course that you would like to transfer. The department must have the syllabi to evaluate the course by our curriculum standards. Once you have obtained the syllabi, attach the Transfer Petition Form and bring the packet to your next advising appointment with Amarilys Scott or email it to our department at: The advisor will then have the appropriate faculty members evaluate the syllabi for transfer approval. Transfer credits can take up to a month for department approval. Once the decision has been made, you will receive an email notification with the department’s decision. 

  • For more information about approved transfer credits - In-State Transferable Credits List

  • To plan your schedule for the next semester.

  • To find out about graduate school opportunities.

  • To find out about getting involved in department activities.

  • To chat about anything regarding your education at the U of U.

Why or when should I meet with a career coach:

  • Meeting with your career coach can be a great step for you, wherever you are in your career development. Whether a first year student and just beginning this process or a senior preparing to graduate, career services has something for you.  Career coaches are here to help you get a job – and with all of the steps in between! Some ways a career coach can assist you include:
    • Aiding in self-discovery
    • Exploring career options
    • Assisting in obtaining an internship
    • Reviewing resumes, cover letters, and personal statements
    • Refining interview skills
    • Teaching job search skills
    • And everything in between!

What you can expect from an advisor:

During these periodic appointments, we will cover bachelor degree, general education, and major or minor requirements while discussing class scheduling, campus resources, career links, departmental scholarship and involvement opportunities, graduate school preparation, internships, study abroad, and anything else.

Officially declare you as a major or minor, explain the requirements of the program, make adjustments on your DARS, and review your coursework to ensure it is in line with your graduation time line.

Provide back up information or letters for petitions when needed and appropriate.

Assist you in finding resources for career preparation, counseling, extracurricular activities, study assistance, study abroad, etc.


Last Updated: 8/12/16