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Degrees and Language Requirements

Doctor of Philosophy (Phd)   I   Master of Arts (MA)   I   Master of Science (MS)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) is the highest degree conferred and best suited for those planning careers in the academy. Doctoral candidates typically prepare one major and two minor fields, one of which may be outside the discipline of history. PhD students must achieve advanced proficiency in one foreign language. They may also be required by their supervisory committees to master additional foreign languages that support research and scholarship in their chosen field. Additional details are found in the Graduate Handbook.

Our PhD graduates have gone on to faculty positions at the American University Cairo, the University of Illinois–Carbondale, the University of Montana, and Texas Tech University, as well as to positions with federal and state agencies, newspapers, archives, and libraries.

Master of Arts (MA)

The MA (Master of Arts) degree has both a language and thesis requirement and is primarily for those considering subsequent pursuit of the PhD and careers in research, publication, and college teaching. Candidates for the MA degree typically prepare one major field and must achieve standard proficiency in one foreign language. Additional details are found in the Graduate Handbook.

Recent MA students have been accepted to top graduate programs including Yale University, the University of California–Davis, the University of Wisconsin–Madison, Cambridge University, the University of Illinois–Chicago, and Ohio State University. 

Master of Science (MS)

The MS (Master of Science) degree is best suited for individuals looking for graduate education to support careers in such areas as secondary education, the military, government, archives, and libraries. Candidates the MS degree typically prepare one major field. The degree requires no thesis and no foreign language. Additional details are found in the Graduate Handbook.


Last Updated: 7/6/20