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B. Standing Committee Appointments

College Committees  I   Department Committees

This page identifies the current membership of standing committees within the Department of History. In any given semester additional AD HOC
committees may also be operating. These are not listed here.


College Committees

College Executive Committee
Hugh Cagle

College Career Development Committee
Peter von Sivers

College RPT Advisory Committee
Jim Lehning

College Curriculum Committee
Wesley Sasaki-Uemura

College Undergraduate Committee
Wesley Sasaki-Uemura

College Graduate Committee
W. Paul Reeve

College Educational Technology Committee
Bruce Dain

Career Development Committee
Shawnakim Lowey-Ball

Faculty Awards Committee
Michelle Wolfe

College Library Committee
Peter von Sivers

College Diversity Committee
Noel Voltz

Department Committees 2018-19


RPT Advisory Committee Chair:

Ed Davies


TFR chair:

Eric Hinderaker


Executive Committee:

Paul Reeve

Beth Clement

Maile Arvin


Intellectual Life Committee:

Colleen McDannell

Noël Voltz

Ryan Moran

Nadja Durbach


Undergraduate Committee:

Rebecca Horn (chair)

Nadja Durbach

Hugh Cagle

Ryan Moran


Graduate Committee:

Matt Basso (chair)

Greg Smoak

Julie Ault

ShawnaKim Lowey-Ball


Phi Alpha Theta Co Advisors:
Beth Clement
Noel Voltz


Last Updated: 5/29/18