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C. Travel Policy

To enhance the professional development of individual faculty as well as the national reputation and visibility of the department, the department will provide funds (for airfare, registration, hotel and/or per diem) for participation in professional meetings for faculty according to the following guidelines. 

  1. All department support for travel is contingent on the availability of funds. The following guidelines represent a philosophy of department decision making around travel. While amounts may be adjusted in years of limited funding, these principles will guide the executive committee in dividing up funding for travel as fairly as possible. To receive funding, faculty must provide an itemized budget that includes accurate estimated costs of travel, hotel, registration and per diem.
  1. Because of their importance in promoting publication of articles, book chapters, and monographs, the department will prioritize funding for presenting papers over chairing sessions, commenting on panels and administrative responsibilities. For chairing, commenting, and administrative responsibilities, the department will provide airfare in full. For presenting papers, the department will provide a minimum of 750 dollars per conference that can be used at the faculty member's discretion for registration, travel, hotel and per diem.
  2. Because junior scholars need to develop their profiles in preparation for tenure, the department will prioritize providing full funding for junior faculty paper presentations when there are extra funds to disburse.
  3. Travel funds may be provided to officers of major professional organizations at the discretion of the Executive Committee.  This money will not exceed $500 and will depend on the travel budget for that year.
  4. Save for special circumstances, travel will not be provided for non-participants to attend a professional meeting.
  5. Faculty must submit a transportation estimate based on an identified date and flight. The department will not pay more than $50 beyond the estimated price submitted for approval.  
  6. All departmental travel must be arranged in accordance with approved departmental and college policies. Once tickets have been purchased, faculty members are responsible for financial penalties or additional charges incurred by delayed booking changes or cancellations for reasons other than illness.
  7. Auxiliary faculty may apply for one domestic round-trip airfare per year to present a paper at a history conference, up to $500.
  8. To be reimbursed for travel, faculty must provide a copy of the program page listing their participation (printed from the internet is fine) with their other paperwork.
  9. The department will only provide funding for international travel IF the faculty member has applied to the College Committee.  The department will then supplement the College money. The department will also make funds available should the College Committee turn down the faculty member’s request.
Last Updated: 5/24/17