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D. International Travel Policy

In conjunction with the support for international travel offered by the Career Development Committee in the College of Humanities, the following policy governs international travel.

  1. Every faculty member who plans to undertake international travel is required to apply for funds from the Career Development Committee. Faculty members must provide an itemized budget for both domestic and international travel funding.
  1. A faculty member who receives full funding from the CDC to present a formal research paper may apply to the History department for additional funding beyond the initial $350 pledge.
  1. A faculty member who applies for CDC funding for international travel but does not receive it, and who seeks department support for only a single trip during the academic year, may receive up to $750 to cover airfare.  If a faculty member does receive CDC funding, the department may provide funding up to the domestic travel rate. Travel to Canada and Mexico will be covered up to $550.
Last Updated: 5/24/17